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Baby scan reveals quads

A young couple in Devon have conceived quadruplets naturally, the odds of which are 700,000 to one
A young couple in Devon have conceived quadruplets naturally, the odds of which are 700,000 to one.

Emma and Michael Wing from Plymouth already have two sons aged three years and ten months.

"We weren't actually trying for a baby," said Mr Wing, 22, a Gunner with 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery. "But we didn't mind if one came along."

Their hospital has offered them a selective reduction, removing one or more of the foetuses to increase the chances of the others surviving, but Mr and Mrs Wing have refused.

"We wanted a girl so how would we feel if we had selective reduction and found out that the ones we selected were girls? Anyway, we didn't want to say, 'Right; you can live and you can die'," said Mr Wing.

Mrs Wing, 23, said the news was "scary" and that she was "terrified about how [she] would carry four".

She is only 12 weeks pregnant but is already suffering from severe morning sickness, headaches, and pains in her pelvis, legs and stomach.

The babies are almost certain to be born prematurely. If Mrs Wing carries them till 34 weeks, they will be delivered by Caesarean section. The normal gestation period for a single baby is 40 weeks.

In 2006, there were seven sets of quadruplets out of 741,000 total births in the UK. But a significant proportion of quads born in the UK are likely to have resulted from in vitro fertilisation.

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i found out i was havin quads. im 19 and when i found out i was pretty scared as you could imagine. a few months into pregnancy, i lost one of the babies i was carrying. but now i have 3 babies who were born on the 26th of july 2009. they were 6weeks early but their all still gorgoues. good luck to the both of you !! :)
by Teashaa 12th Sep 2009, 8:06pm
OMG! that would knock me a bit if someone told me i was carring that meny babies!!! good luck mr and mrs Wing xxx
by No3baby 23rd Apr 2009, 9:27am
i think this is great well done take care
by sandra200 25th Mar 2009, 9:21am
Omg what a suprise for the parents.. hope things go well. x
by JayNbump2009 27th Oct 2008, 9:01am
The poor lady!
I hope everything turns out well for them!
by CEM1784 20th Oct 2008, 11:03am