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Baby rucksack carriers

Advice on features to look for when choosing a baby rucksack carrier, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby rucksack and backpack carriers.
Baby rucksack carriers are a fantastically versatile way to transport your little one, especially if you are fond of the outdoors and do a lot of walking. They enable your baby to benefit from an adults view of the world around them, exposing them to attention and language experience they would not receive if they were in a buggy at knee height.

This style of carrier tends to be most suitable for infants over 6 months of age as few baby rucksack carriers provide sufficient support for the neck of a younger baby.

You should look for an ergonomically designed carrier that provides support for baby's hips and lower back rather than one that lets baby's legs hang straight down (with the majority of the weight placed on the crotch) as these tend to be better for spinal development. Additionally, it is essential that the carrier is fitted with a secure, adjustable harness to keep your baby safe when up high.

Most baby rucksack carriers are based on a padded frame design so it is important to make sure they feel comfortable and do not strain your back. Choosing a rucksack carrier with adjustable, padded straps means that it can easily be used by parents of different sizes.

Other features to look out for when buying a rucksack carrier include a padded waist strap to provide extra support for your back, a detachable day sack (handy for carrying baby bottles, wipes etc) and a pocket mirror (so you can keep an eye on your little one whilst they're behind you). Rain covers and sun canopies will enable you to use your baby rucksack carrier in all weathers and protect your baby from the elements.

When purchasing a baby rucksack carrier it is advisable to check the age and weight range to ensure it is suitable for your little one. If you choose carefully, a baby rucksack carrier can be a great way to transport your baby wherever you go.

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