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Baby pyjamas

Advice on what to look for when choosing pyjamas for your baby plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby boy and girl sleepsuits, nighties and pyjamas.
Pyjamas are available for both boys and girls. To begin with you may find it easier to put your baby to bed in a sleepsuit. A sleepsuit, also known as a babygrow or stretchsuit is a one-piece, long sleeved outfit with poppers down the front and down the legs. Most babies dislike having anything pulled over their heads, so it is easier to put on and take off. Putting your baby into a sleepsuit means that your baby is ready for bed immediately, no need to pull clothes over heads or trying to get waving legs and arms into arm or leg holes. A sleepsuit also makes life easier for nappy changing during the night.

As your baby gets older you will need to buy two piece pyjama sets. Sleepsuits are no good for potty training as it is harder for a sleepy toddler to get a sleepsuit off than pull down pyjama bottoms. Most pyjama sets have designs or patterns on either the top half or both. Many of your child's favourite characters are also available on pyjamas.

If you have a little girl you may find it even easier to put her in nighties to sleep in whilst potty training as these do not even require pulling down.

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which size is to newborn ?
by VanessaAngela 12th Aug 2010, 10:40am
Avoid pyjamas with feet once your baby is trying to walk, especially if you have wooden floors as slipping is almost inevitable.
by annie 26th Nov 2004, 11:47am