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Baby pants and pull-ups

Advice on what to look for when choosing baby pants or pull-ups, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby nappys, pants, plastic pants and pullups for your baby.
Pull-up nappies can be a helpful way to make the transition from nappies to pants. Most brands of pull-ups look like real pants and aim to introduce your child to the concept of pulling their own pants up and down. They aim to give your toddler a sense he is taking part in the process and will make him feel more grown up.

Pull-ups are absorbent so any little accidents that do happen are no problem. Many styles of pull-ups have stars or a design that fades if your child does have an accident, so you can reward your child for any stars remaining.

Alternatively you can purchase several pairs of cheap cloth pants and use these to potty train. Some experts believe that children will learn quicker if they feel their pants are wet.

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