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Baby outfits

Advice on what to look for when buying two-piece, three-piece and four-piece baby outfits, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of boy and girl clothing.
You have the choice of many types of outfits for your baby. Very popular are two, three and four piece outfits which ensure your baby is co-ordinated wherever you go. A two piece outfit would include perhaps a top and trousers, add a jumper and you have a three piece outfit and add a hat and you have a four piece outfit; in co-ordinating colours for either boys or girls or even the same pattern.

You will need to buy your baby's outfits in the correct size. Your baby's correct size is best determined by weight, unless your baby is unusually long and thin. Baby's clothing is designed with plenty of room for nappies, whilst toddler clothes need less room. Once you reach children's sizes, height is the best gauge:.

SizeHeight (in.)Weight (lbs)
Newborn0-3 moup to 22up to 12
-3-6 mo21 to 2410 to 15
-6-9 mo23 to 2514 to 17
Infant12 mo23 to 2717 to 21
-18 mo26 to 3021 to 25
-24 mo29 to 3325 to 29

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