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Baby nail clippers and scissors

Advice on trimming your baby's nails and what to look for when you are buying a baby nail clippers and scissors
You will need to trim your baby's nails almost from birth to avoid them scratching themselves or catching their eyes.

To begin with the easiest way to trim your baby's nails may be to just peel the ends off with your fingers or to remove them with your teeth. They are so soft that the surplus will easily come away and this avoids catching your newborn's finger with baby scissors or clippers (this often happens as the nail is so weak that it is difficult to tell where the nail ends and the finger starts when using a cutting implement).

However as your baby gets older you will need to buy a pair of baby scissors or nail clippers with specially rounded ends, enabling you to keep your baby's nails short. Specially designed miniature scissors or clippers mean you can more accurately trim baby's nails and curved clipping edges help avoid painful ingrown nails.

Novelty baby scissors and clippers are available with brightly coloured handles to keep baby's attention while you get on with trimming the nails.

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This is good advice but when you say almost from birth when do you mean it? Some parents may not understand and trim their babies nails to early!
by XBabyXLoverX 30th Dec 2009, 9:58am
good info
by ligiadarryl 10th Aug 2009, 9:25am