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Baby laundry

Useful advice on washing your baby's clothes so that they stay looking lovely and cute.
Babies have incredibly sensitive skin with many suffering from nappy rash and eczema, what they wear against their skin can have a big impact on its condition.

When choosing clothes for your baby you should go for cotton based garments as these will keep your baby warm but also let their skin breath, helping to prevent overheating. You should also check that they are machine washable and can be tumble dried for your convenience.

Its best to wash your baby's clothes before their first use as this will help ensure they are nice and clean and soft and free from any chemicals that may have been used during the manufacturing process. It can be best to use a washing powder and fabric softener designed for sensitive skin to prevent allergies and irritation.

While its fine to wash your baby's clothes with the rest of the family's (although you may want to put teeny socks, hats and gloves in a laundry bag to stop them getting lost) you should always wash nappies separately, nappy wraps should be fine though.

Make sure all of the zips and poppers on your baby's clothes are fastened before you put them in the wash as this will help to prevent the garments from stretching and becoming misshapen and remember to keep whites separate so they stay looking lovely and fresh!

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fairy non-bio should be fine... any non-bio is for sensitive skin... just make sure your fabric conditioner is also for sensitive skin too :-)
by VixenStar 12th Aug 2010, 8:59am
what kind of washing powder because i use fairy non-bio is that ok?
by cuteangel1 27th Jan 2010, 9:43am