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Useful things to take.

Advice on useful items to take with you when you are out with your baby, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of travel products such as travel nappies, changing mats and cots.
Whenever and wherever you are travelling with your baby, you will need to take supplies with you so you can feed, change and amuse him throughout the journey. Things to take for your baby or toddler when travelling include:
  • Spare nappies - twice as many as you think you may need.
  • Baby wipes - great for faces and hands as well as bottoms.

  • Changing mat - or something clean and foldable such as a small towel to use as a changing mat (many baby bags incorporate a mat of their own)

  • Nappy sacks - and or plastic bags for used nappies and/or clothing.

  • Feeding equipment - if your baby is bottle-fed you will find ready-to-feed formula easier than making up bottles away from home. Transporting a made-up bottle is okay for an hour or so, if you can keep it cool. Older babies need a cup with a sealable lid. Take plenty of healthy food, and some naughty snacks for bribes.
  • Spare clothes - nappies have a habit of leaking at the most inconvenient times. An extra t-shirt and sweater can be important when your baby has just poured a glass of orange juice down himself or been sick down his front. If the weather looks changeable, pack a spare pair of socks and trousers as well, there is nothing a toddler likes better than jumping in puddles.

  • Spare drink - whether it's a bottle of milk, trainer cup of water or a carton of juice.
  • Sunhat and suncream - always worth taking, even if the weather does not seem promising.
  • Pram - when you are loading your baby or toddler into a car seat, it can easy to forget that you will need transport at the other end!
  • Raincover for pram - even if it doesn't look like it is going to rain, invariably it does if you do not have a raincover with you!
  • Swimming nappies or swimming costumes - if you know your child is going in the sea or pool, it's better to pack them before you leave, rather than spend time driving around aimlessly trying to buy one on holiday.
  • Toys - take rattles and small toys, but nothing too bulky: cuddly toys, books, sticker games or musical phones, anything that you use at home to avert a baby or toddler tantrum would be good to pack.
  • First aid kit - if you are flying off somewhere hot for a long weekend, it is worth taking a first-aid kit that includes antiseptic cream, plasters, gauze, pain relief (paracetamol or ibuprofen) and something to keep mosquito bites from itching.
If you need to save space and travel light there are several things on the market which will help:
  • Pocket size changing mats fold up to a small wallet size
  • Some makes of nappy are available in travel pack size

  • Most brands of nappy wipe are available in resalable travel packs
  • Travel potties come with disposable potty liners and fold up into a travel bag

  • A portable, inflatable, soft baby bath packs down very small and comes in its own travel bag

  • If you're washing your baby's things, look out for baby clothes travel wash

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i going on holiday october this year to France so i must pack in my big bag : Bottes , Nappies , toys , clothes and my make up on vacation whit the dad must babys under 2 sit on knee or have chairs ?
by VanessaAngela 12th Aug 2010, 10:47am
thats a great bit of info im flying from there in sept to morocco great that i can do that thanks
by femaletrucker 14th May 2010, 4:58pm
GOING ON HOLIDAY FROM MANCHESTER AIRPORT - I have just pre-ordered all of my milk food and nappies from the Boots within the terminal and they have confirmed to me that as this is past passport control etc the weight does not go against your allowance. It will cost a little more but I think it is well worth it for the extra room I will get in the suitcase for toys (and my shoes!!!) Plus you don't need to go through the whole tasting 50% of the milk/liquids when you go through the hand luggage check.

The telephone number for terminal 1 is 0161 437 9921
Just wanted to share this with everybody as I think its a great idea


by kazzac 8th Feb 2010, 9:19am
We went on our 1st holiday with a 4 month old. we packed for every eventuality, nothing was forgotten! Until that is we arrived at our destination and unpacked the car, Where was our babies suitcase with everything in? Still on the floor in her nursery...I made hubby drive the 170 miles home to get it!! LOL!
by FTMummy 13th Aug 2009, 11:28am
im goin on my hols wit my baby in 65 days now and im so paranoid i myt 4 get something but eh hope it all goes well cant wait 2 take my lil angel away xx
by taiyatai 4th Aug 2009, 1:00pm
very usefull check list, Thanks
by Kellybaby2 15th Apr 2009, 10:15am
If you are travelling by car at night and it is cold, a baby travel sleeping bag is great, it has holes for the harness and keeps baby warm in the car.
by lornaross 14th Apr 2009, 12:46pm