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Baby gyms and play mats

Useful information on what to look for when you are buying baby activity gyms or play mats for your baby.
A good toy for a small baby is a playmat or baby gym. A baby gym is a an arch, either single or criss-crossed, made out of material or plastic, with small toys suspended from it. When you baby is tiny he will only be able to focus on the toys, as he gets older he will begin exploring with hands and feet.

Playmats can be used anywhere, on the floor, the sofa, in the home, in the garden, giving your baby an interesting and safe play to play. Some babygyms come with an integral playment, so you baby can feel textures next to him as well as above.

Babies love bright colours and different textures, sounds and surprises. Consider a baby gym that is easy to clean, with contrasts and variety.

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