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Useful information on the range of baby foods available.
For the first 6 months of your baby's life, breastmilk provides all the nutrition they need. However, as your baby grows beyond this age, while they should still receive the bulk of their nutrients from breast or fornula milk, you can begin to introduce solids.

Fortified cereals such as baby rice often make a good starting point as they can be mixed with breast or formula milk and so are pleasant tasting to babies while also containing the extra vitamins and minerals they need to help them grow. You can also begin to introduce pureed fruits and vegetables into your baby's diet to get them used to a wider range of textures and flavours.

Pre-prepared baby foods are fantastically convenient especially if you work or are on the move. They tend to come in jars and are split into 3 stages; level one being suitable for 6-8 months, level two for 8-10 months and level three baby foods for 10 months plus.

There is a huge choice of baby foods available in the shops and the majority are specifically designed to be of a flavour and consistency that appeals to young infants. Most jarred baby foods are nutritionally balanced so as to provide your baby with the essential vitamins and minerals they need for healthy development.

When selecting pre-prepared foods for your baby you should check the ingredients and avoid those with added sugar or too many additives and flavourings. Organic baby foods are becoming more widely available; these provide your baby with the nutrients they need naturally without enhancement from any chemicals.

By varying the baby foods you feed to your little one, you will help them to develop their palette. This will begin to teach them good eating habits which will become invaluable as they grow older. Lunch is often the best time to introduce new food as your baby will be more awake and probably very hungry!

By supplementing breast or formula milk with a wide range of fruit, vegetables and whole grains you will be able to provide your baby with all the nutrients they need to thrive and help them learn to enjoy food.

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