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Baby benefits, grants and tax credits

Financial benefits to which you and your child may be entitled including information on baby benefits, tax, credits and child care benefits.
There are several benefits you may be entitled to including:

Sure start Maternity Grant

The Sure start maternity grant is worth up to £500 and you will qualify if you are receiving income-related benefits or tax credits. This payment does not have to be paid back and is to help you buy all the items needed for your new baby. To claim, fill in a form available from your local social security office. You can apply from 11 weeks before the week the baby is due until three months after the birth.

Child benefit

Child benefit is worth £20.00 per week for your first child and £13.20 for each younger child. You will get Child Benefit if you are responsible for a child, and satisfy certain other criteria. Details of these can be found in the Child Benefit claim pack. Fill in a form available from your local social security office or Inland Revenue Enquiry Centre. Complete a claim form online at

Child tax credits

Child tax credits depend on your annual income and are composed of 2 parts. A family element is paid to any family with at least one child and is worth up to £545 and a child element paid to each child in the family and worth up to £2,085. Find out if you are eligible and get the claim form online at Claim as soon as you are able to because amounts can only be backdated for up to three months. Payments will go into your account.

In the 2009 budget the Chancellor announced that the child element of child tax credit will increase by £20 from April 2010.

Working tax credit

Working Tax Credit contains several elements, including help with costs of childcare. The maximum basic element is £1,800 a year. The amount you may get will be based on your circumstances such as your income and how many hours you work. This tax credit is to top up the earnings of workers on a low income. You do not have to have children to claim this credit, it is additional to Child Tax Credit.

Childcare Tax Credits

Childcare Tax Credits are worth up to 80 per cent of your child care costs, up to a maximum of £175 per week for one child and £300 per week for two or more children. The childcare must be registered or approved, and you must be working for at least 16 hours a week. The amount you receive will depend on your income and will be paid directly to you and your partner. You can claim Childcare Tax Credits in the same way as you claim Child Tax Credit.

Nursery education grants

All three year olds have access to a free nursery place. This is five sessions of two and a half hours free nursery education a week. Each local education authority (LEA), in association with their Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership (EYDCP) keeps a list of nursery education providers approved to offer free places.

Child Trust Fund

Child Trust Funds are opened with a £250 voucher provided by the government for all babies born after September 2002 (with an additional £250 contribution to those in low income families). A further contribution of £250 is made by the government into the account when the child reaches the age of 7, again with an additional £250 for those in low-income families. Up to £1,200 can be added to the fund each year by family and friends.

In the 2009 budget, the Chancellor announced that an additional £100 a year will be contributed into Child Trust Funds for children with disabilities, and an extra £200 for children with severe disabilities. The money will be available to your child when he or she reaches the age of 18. For further information on Child Trust Funds Click Here.

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my partner is pregnant we dont live together,i work and classed as self employed i can have a bad month and earn £400 a month but up to £1600 a partner is on jsa but may be going on to income support what are we entitled to. please give us some advice .
thank u
by pace777 20th Jun 2013, 3:40pm
my girl friend she's pregnant and we are going to pay for the labor and delivery expenses because we don't have insurance we are going to pay for it by using our savings. My question is if when you make taxes they will return part of what we pay for delivery costs.
by ricardo9790 20th Jun 2013, 3:05pm
Mccarthy First thing you have to do contact your local jobcenter and explain everything maybe they gonna but you for income support. Then visit your local council offices and tell them that your circumstances change. They have to give you some money for the rent. Also if is your first baby you are able to get sure start (£500). Good Luck. We past that stage.
by Georgeuk 20th Jun 2013, 3:04pm
someone help please im currently working 37.5 hours a week and im 24 weeks pregnant my bf works 40 hours a week he gets around a £1000 a month i will be leaving work due to my contract ending in around 10 weeks, what benifits will i be able to get as my bf will be getting paid monthly and will only stretch far enough to pay our rent tax and bills. Please get back to me thanks
by mccarthy12345 25th Jan 2012, 9:34am
Hi, me and my partner have a 7 month old. We currently do not live together because of money issues and are desperately putting money by to eventually start renting. He earns 20,000 a year, taking home just over a grand a month. I became pregnant whilst I was at university and doing a weekend job which I cannot go back to. I'm currently doing an apprenticeship which is unpaid. We're quite worried we won't cope when we live together. Will we get help on my partners wage? I plan to do a few nights evening work to help us out too but I'm so worried we won't be able to live!!
by LouLouTattoo 17th Oct 2011, 9:00am
Hi. I really need someones help!!! , iv been to my local job center & they arnt very helpfull atall , just fob me off to one person to another ! . Im 27 weeks & 5 days pregnant with my 1st child, i work 10 hours a week & claim JSA , i got told that 11 weeks before my baby is due i claim income support , but how do i do that? & what benifits am i actually enitled to because i have not got a clue &dont want to lose out , atm i get JSA , housing benifit & council tax benifit because my monhtley wages of work is 161pound. Some one please helppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) xx
by hollyrobinson 31st Aug 2011, 9:44am
hi. i have a 5 week old little girl. I was wondering if the sure start grant is still available and the child trust fund is still running? thankyou!!
by aimeex 25th Jul 2011, 10:29am
i am currently in recipt of working and chld tax credit for my 7 year old
i live on my own with him
i have just founf out i am pregnant but father is not living with us, AND DIFFERENT TO 7 YEAR OLD
how do i go about this and wat am i entiteled to
do i lose my exisiting benefits?
by jennsabs81 13th Jul 2011, 10:03am
hi im currently a mum of a child nearly one i would like to know if i can get a maternity care grant due to the low income i am recieving?
by NLS 6th Jul 2011, 9:05am
by vinia 27th Jun 2011, 10:43am
hi im a single mum am currently having my second child. my first child is 7 and is living with he dad now. need to know if im intitled to getting a sure start maturnity due oct 2011
by niki11 11th Apr 2011, 9:46am
hi i am currently a stay at home mum my partner is self employed and works 40hrs a week after tax and expenses his earnings are 14000. we have a 2 and half year old boy but i want to know if i went back to work full time earning say 15000 a year and put my son into nursey costing between £500-£600 a month how much help with this child care cost would we be looking to get? please help !!!!!
by frant 2nd Feb 2011, 5:49pm
hi I am just about 22 weeks pregnant and I am unemployed. My fiancée works full time and I am unsure what benefits I would be entitled to please help.
by mcgregor123 31st Jan 2011, 9:17am
my daughter has a 4 month old baby girl - her partner works full time but on a low income at £200.00 per week after tax. my daughter prior to baby being born was working 22 hours per week on min wage. what benefits can she get - at present she cant get council tax help or rent help. the tax people have just said that in April her benefit will drop from £350 per month to £180. She has handed in her notice at work so there will be her wage less, so y r they halving her money. she texted me tonight to say from April they wont b able to pay their rent and will be homeless. can someone please help
by jano1959 28th Jan 2011, 4:53pm
I'm 32 weeks pregnant and unemployed but my partner works 40 hours a week am i entitled to any benefits
by debbi1991 24th Jan 2011, 9:01am
Hi I work 35 hours a week ad my partner works 40 a week our total income is £25,000 per year are we entitled to any benefits, and what would we be expected to get if I decided to stay at home with the baby?
by sophia1 17th Jan 2011, 2:56pm
Can anyone help what benefits can I claim? I live with my partner and are income is 12,000 a year
by kelly1541 17th Jan 2011, 2:48pm
I'm 30 weeks and I work 40hrs and my parter is self employed can you tell me what benefits we are entitled to im going on met leave for 10 months we dont earn any more than 30,000 a year combined he is 25 and i am 23.
by leo13 5th Jan 2011, 9:13am
Hi me and my partner are having a baby, I work 30 hours a week and earn £10,000 and my partner works 40 hours and earns £15,000. How much approx would we be entitled to. And How much approx would we be entitled to if we only had my partners money with me staying at home with the baby.
by benjy 29th Dec 2010, 9:09am
hi I'm having a baby but live with my partner who is in the army based currently in Germany , what am i still intitiled too ??
by chantom 20th Dec 2010, 9:21am
my partner is 14 weeks pregnant and is working full time. she has 2 do at least 3-4 hours worth of travelling to and from work, and she was wondering if she gives up work will she be entitled to any sort of benefits?
by sean22 13th Dec 2010, 8:48am
i ve been working for 5 months for a company and when i was 25 weeks pregnant i send the first letter to let them know that i will stop soon.i didn`t receive no answer.after a month i send the second letter and still i am 36 weeks pregnant and i apply for some benefits but i don`t no what to do,i am late with my rent and all my bills.what benefits i can get and where to apply?
by ramis 26th Nov 2010, 5:13pm
I'm 16 and 27 weeks pregnant, I am confused and would like to know whether I am entitled to claiming the sure start maternity grant as I leave school in December... am I entitled?
Also what other benefits can I claim for myself and my child.
by xSEZZAYYY 22nd Nov 2010, 3:32pm
Me and my husband are thinking of trying for a baby but are worried about the money side of it, how much help would we get? I currently work 37 hours and earn £16,000 a year but I would want to reduce this to 23 hours a week if I had a baby and my husband is a taxi driver who takes home approximately (obviously it's a little different every week) £285 after expenses (such as petrol and money for subs to the taxi company) he works approx 40 hours per week. How much approx would we be entitled to?
by akent 18th Nov 2010, 11:09am
hi i am 21 and trying for a baby I am the only one who works i work 42 hours a week what am i entailed to help me out thanks
by emese1 9th Nov 2010, 5:08pm
Im 16 and 31 weeks pregnant, I have a sure start maternity grant form but I am unable to claim for it because i cant go on benefits till I finish school in may. now on the form it states that I can have my parent claim the grant for me but me and my mother are unsure who to sign it me or her and whos n.i number we need to put mine or hers please help me soon as i still need to get some bits and bobs for my baby before she arrives thanks.
by samanthar1729 9th Nov 2010, 5:08pm
Hi I'm 26 with a 10month old son and I'm 6 months pregnant again, my question is what money will i get for both and how many milk tokens?? also am I entitled to more milk tokens now at this stage? thanks. A,Holiday x
by Annaholiday 8th Nov 2010, 11:23am
I am a single dad now as my girlfriend has left me and moved out with my son, thankfully I see him everyday for a few hours and I am going to keep him financially, but how do I claim working tax credit as I'm on a low income in work please.
by sbj 8th Nov 2010, 11:22am
I have got 3 kids before and pregnant again I live in a rented house and my partner doesn't work and I work 39 hours will be going on maternity leave what I am entitled to my income is £11000 a year
by childtax 25th Oct 2010, 10:37am
My partner and I want to try for our first baby. He roughly brings home £14000-£15000, I currently work 24 hours a week bringing home a low income. I want to give up work to bring up the baby but we are worried what we'll be entitled to altogether. We live in rented property. I've tried the direct gov questionnaires but find them unhelpful. Money is the only thing putting us off. Need a rough idea thank you for any help
by jb86 15th Oct 2010, 3:54pm
I have a three year old son and I work 16 hours I have just found out I'm pregnant what am I entitled to?
by lauraloo05 15th Oct 2010, 9:23am
Can i still claim childcare tax credits for my child while I'm on maternity with my other child?
by Monkey30 14th Oct 2010, 2:50pm
Hi im 26 and currently on JSA im 14 weeks pregnant and living with my partner who is working 30 hrs a week and on low income, we are also looking into getting a council house. Does anyone no what benifits we would be eligible for??.
by lauramarie1983 21st Sep 2010, 3:36pm
I am a single mum and I have just got a part time job working 16hrs which entitles me to working tax credits however i want to enrol in college as ive been offered a place im wondering if i can do both or will everythin be affected my rent etc

Please could someone answer as soon as poss
by nikkim123 6th Sep 2010, 10:16am
Child tax credits and benefits can be backdated for 3 months, so what to do is get the forms before baby is born and then claim as soon as you have the wee one. hope that helps
by Vix10 1st Sep 2010, 10:13am
hi im 21 years old and my girlfriend is 12 weeks pregnent, i work full time mon to friday 8 till 5, we want to put down for a house but want to no what claims i can claim for, if we put down for a private property and the monthly payment on that house is £495 2 bedroom house, would i have to pay the full amount as i am only on minimum wage, my girlfriend would be putting down for a house if we wasnt together but scene as we are we decided we want private so can we still get one?
Please someone help!!! =[
by mor7y07 12th Aug 2010, 11:02am
i am workin full time and leave for Maternity soon my bf is a student so we are not goin to be living of much does anyone know what help i can get at the moment we are living with my parents
by nicola009 12th Aug 2010, 10:50am
im 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. when can i claim for child tax and child benefits
by karenhooker88 12th Aug 2010, 10:49am
hi my partner and i are currently trying for a second baby, i don't work as im a full time mum looking after my daughter who is 15 months old, my partner works 39 hours a week. we currently are not entitled to working tax credits but we get child tax credits, what other bennifits will we be able to get to help buying for a new baby
by ladyloulou 12th Aug 2010, 10:09am
Im an australian citizen but curently a resident in the UK, am i entitled to the baby grant.
by RGT 12th Aug 2010, 9:20am
Hi Every one, Hope you can give me some help. Im currently 17 weeks pregnant and and woundering how I will cope finacially I have just graduated from University and my job prospects have been limited due to being 4 months pregnant. My partner works full time, Can any one give me any advice in what I can apply for??
by Chanti2702 12th Aug 2010, 9:13am
iim 16 and 16 weeks pregnant what can i claim?
by sophiie 11th Jun 2010, 5:21pm
both my partner and iwork on low income jobs with a 16 month old daughter i have just found out i am pregnant again an wonder how this will affect my working tax credits , child benefit and child tax will they go up or down and is there any grants for ppl like us who are not entitled to the 500 pound grant
by clements 21st May 2010, 3:57pm
I am only nine weks pregnant but would like to know how far into my pregnancy can i claim?
by megporter123 18th May 2010, 5:20pm
if i am not working can my hustband get 500 pounds grant if he gets tax creits for two of are children.
by Pa55word 18th May 2010, 4:50pm
Hi im 19 and am 17 weeks pregnant and am currently on JSA my boyfriend works 15 hours a week but we dont live together im still a home, am i entitled to any other benefits? wb and let me know
by babyyyy 14th May 2010, 5:35pm
I'm 17 and 7 weeks pregnant, i am currently in a relationship and both of us do not work and therefore have no means of income.
What benefits could we be entitled to?
Please get back soon
by chantelle1399 14th May 2010, 5:34pm
Hey i am 17 weeks pregnant and both me and my partner are in the navy. i plan to leave the navy but was wondering if i do what benefits would me and my partner be entilted to as we will only be on one wage which is not a great deal at the moment. Any ideas or help would be great.
by stringer 14th May 2010, 5:26pm
Hey, im 17 and im 24 weeks pregnant im not curently working as i cant get a job in the areas im trained for so im going to wait untill the baby is born to go back to work i dont claim any money as of yet as i am only 17 i would lke to know when can i start claiming money and how do i go about it? would apreacheate it if you could help me thanks :) x
by hayley92 14th May 2010, 5:26pm
i have a 2 year old daughter i dont work my partner does. he earns 13000 ayear we are in titled to workin tax credit which is £240 and child tax and thats £200 amonth we aslo get child benifit which is £20 a week hope this helps
by brooke8878 14th May 2010, 5:22pm
Hi everyone,

My partner and I are going to be trying for a baby soon..but I am confused as to what help we will be entitled to as we both work full time, 40 hr weeks, I'm on 18k and he's on 17k - does anyone know if we will be entitled to any benefits once on maternity leave? I have also read about Child Tax Credits but I think you have to earn under a certain amount?? I just want to try and get a basic understanding of how our money situation will be thats all as we are renting and I am worried we will not be able to afford rent, council tax and all the other bills on one wage (I probably will not be going back to work, once given birth)
by eggymadmouse 14th May 2010, 5:04pm
i dont have a clue what this all is, needs someone to come and do it for me lol
by dippydo 14th May 2010, 4:52pm
heyyy imm 15 years old and imm 2 and half weeks pregannantii turnn 16 in aprilll anyy idea if ii can claimm moneyy for the baby to go nurseryy whilst i got to college ?x
by Jmitchell 14th May 2010, 4:43pm
To carey85 yes you will recieve payments for your childcare and because your partner does not work you might be able to get the full amount of money for your childcare but only if the childminder is registered
by 1992 14th May 2010, 4:36pm
can we claim any benefits if i work a 40hr week on £13,000 a year and my girlfriend is claiming jobseekers alowance? if so when can we begin to claim during or after birth?
by carlyshawn 14th May 2010, 4:09pm
I and my partner are Thai who hold student visa in UK under Tier4.I 'm gointo give a birthday next month.I worked for past-time 20 hours.Do i get all benefit you mention above?
by kronen 8th Feb 2010, 9:29am
I'm 4 and a half months pregnant when shall i start claiming for money?
by demica 8th Feb 2010, 9:27am
i am a Tier 4 student here in London, Am I entitled for any of the benefit for my coming baby?
by fahmaily 18th Jan 2010, 2:43pm
hi my hubby is a student and I am his dependant we just had a baby and would like to know all the benefits my baby is entitled to get. Thanks okparaamaka'
by mamachiqor 18th Jan 2010, 2:42pm
hi i am 21 and i came UK before 4 month in tier 4 student visa with my husband(he is in dependent visa). We are plainning to have baby now. So please could you let me know that do we get all benefit you mention above. If You can answer me than e-mail me in thank you.
by Nepali 15th Jan 2010, 4:26pm
hi im 23 and trying for a baby, thing is my partner and i both work 37 hours pw, i earn 16 grand a year and my partner earns 13 grand per year, we have a mortgage on our house and i am worried as i will need to go on mertinity leave and then i wont be able to go back full time when the baby arrives, is there any help i would be entitled to, if so please could you let me know. thank you x
by laura36 13th Jan 2010, 11:41am
I have been working for my employer for 14 months and im 3 months pregnant. From the info i have been given, once on maternity leave i will receive 90% of my salary for the first 6 weeks, while afterwards apprx. £123.00 per week...Despite my partner is working full time, i wonder how we will cope with a mortgage, one salary and a baby. Can anyone let me know if i could be entitled to any sort of help during the maternity leave? Thank you very much
by ericalondon 11th Jan 2010, 4:18pm
helloo ; im new to this i would like to know if anyone of you would know how would i qualifie for chilg grant my baby is 5 months but i leave in the USA in NEW JERSEY
by dhefknqladie 5th Jan 2010, 3:53pm
hi unimum...i am in the exact same predicament as you...i am in final year and finish in may due late june/early july....did you get any answers to your questions??? would love the advise! nikki
by nikki243 30th Dec 2009, 10:01am
Hi i was wondering if anyone can help i am a full time uni student and am 6 weeks pregnant i will be finishing my uni year before baby is here but as i wont be working for the following year im not sure what benifits im entitled too as my partner does work and will be moving in with me when we find somewhere bigger?????
by Unimum 11th Dec 2009, 9:16am
blonde 01..ur not entitled to anything else yet untill ur baby is almost here..when u have ur baby u will get childs tax credits and child benifits
by leannem449 30th Nov 2009, 10:47am
im 23 and have a 5mth old baby,im not wroking and my husband works and makes only about $1500 a mth.i need help to pay bills and buy baby can i get help for the baby expenses???? i cant work because i got no one to take care of her or money to pay daycare
by jenngon 30th Nov 2009, 10:32am
I am 19 and 2 months pregnant. I'm currently seeking JSA allowance and was just wondering what other benefits i was entitled to??
by Blonde01 25th Nov 2009, 9:40am
to laura36 you can claim working tax credit once you have gone back to work and in turn they will help you cover 85 % of your childcare costs you will have to contribute the other 15%. hope this helps
by anjahlina 11th Nov 2009, 9:16am
I am a single mom.I dont pay for child care because i have my mom to help me.I dont get child support from the babies dad.I dont ask for him to help because he doesnt work and i dont want anything from.I work full time have a lot of bills to pay for and still dont have that much of money left over to get what my son needs.Is there any help or information you can give me to help me out?
by rebbecca 23rd Sep 2009, 5:22pm
We need some help, me and my wife have just had a baby, we live outside the uk, and we want to know if our daughter qualifies for the chid trust fund, as she holds a british passport, if so how can we arrange this ?
by Biddles 17th Sep 2009, 9:13am
i need some help, i am currently working, and will be going on maternity in December 09. When my maternity pay drops down to £123.00, do i get any help with my rent? and bills? i'm going to be a single parent. And i will not beable to afford all the rent and bills on stat maternity pay.
Please... i need some advice.
by lotte1990 11th Sep 2009, 3:36pm
I am nearlly 20weeks pregnant and claiming jsa my husband is also claimimg jsa, can i claim anything, if so how?
by KerryT 2nd Sep 2009, 10:27am
Im 21 and 13 weeks pregnant and claiming jsa and was wondering what benifits i would be entitled to?
by roch09 18th Aug 2009, 9:16am
Hi all,
I am 18 and 8 weeks pregnant, I am already claiming income support, and currently live in Supported Accomodation. I have to leave here when i am 4 months pregnant, and I will have no where to live. I need help with getting a house of flat for when the baby is due.
I also have no idea what I can and can not claim, Please help me...x
by Haylei 28th Jul 2009, 12:53pm
im 17 and im 7 weeks pregnant im on a 12 week trial in work that ends in 3 weeks and if i tell them im pregnant now im afraid they wont keep me on should i tell them noe because mmy job includes carrying boxes
by katie17lea 22nd Jul 2009, 9:37am
hi im 11weeks pregnant i am 15 years old i will turn 16 when my baby turns 3months, can anybody tell me what benefits im entitled to or my mum ?
by Charnnny 15th Jul 2009, 11:46am
Hi all
I am 29 weeks gone now, i currently work 40 hour per week but will be dropping down to 30 hour on my return to work, im taking 9 months maternaty leave. I am a single....can someone please point me in the right direction on what benefits i can claim, it is all too confusing!!
Thank you and congratulations to all x
by kellysc 13th Jul 2009, 9:06am
hi i am 25weeks pregnant i am 15 years old but will be 16 when the baby is born,could you help me with what money i can claim as i have no idea thanks email me on thanks
by tjlewis 9th Jul 2009, 8:59am
hi im 23 weeks pregnant n i have been made redundant a few months ago...i was just wondering what benefits i would b able to get as i live with the father n he works but is on a low income...n dont qualify for maternity allowence as my job was not for 26 weeks...can anyone help please?
by cherylmcgrath 6th Jul 2009, 9:04am
ah you just reminded me i havnt set my daughters grant up shes 1 in three weeks have i time still?
by ladybird04 6th Jul 2009, 9:04am
I am a single mum my daughter is 8 months old and I am 13weeks pregnant, can anyone tell me of what benefits I can play?
by lorrs123 29th Jun 2009, 9:58am
I'm Just Turning 17 weeks Pregnant, and i dont have a clue on how these benefits works..I have a partner, who's not working due to Spinal Injuries, and im not working either. I still live at home. Im 17 years old as well. I dont have a clue what im Entitled to. can anyone help.
by Viikiiee77 15th Jun 2009, 9:33am
Hello, im 15 and Pregnant i will be 16 when i have my baby im 10weeks Will i be entitled to Any money E-mail me on Thanks x
by playgirl11kw 28th May 2009, 9:19am
I am about 16weeks, I live in Canada, and have been unemployed for the last year (was currently looking for a job when I found out I was preg). I was wondering if anyone knows what (if anything) I am entitled to, or if you know where I might be able to find out.
Thanks, and congrats to all you out there :)
by ToniJill 26th May 2009, 12:39pm
Hi, im confused about maternity pay.
I had a full time job but got made redundant in November.
I have been self employed since January 2008 and work anything from 7.5hours to 25 hours per week including classes and preperation.
What kind of payment am i entitled to?
Someone said i have to go to the job centre but not sure
by miniemynx 26th May 2009, 12:39pm
hello everyone. congratulations on ur babys. im a first time mum to be and just been told that i dont qualify for a maternity grant as i am on incapacity benefits. Does anyone no if when i give birth i will be entitled to a maternity grant. please could someone get back to me and let me no. thank u.
by melodyp 20th May 2009, 9:12am
I'm 18 weeks pregnant and trying to work out what I'll be entitled to when I'm on my maternity leave. I work an average of 23 hours a week. I've been on the hmrc website and completed a questionare that states I'll be entitled to £717 is that per month or divided up over my maternity leave? Please help, thanks. x
by Donna72 15th May 2009, 9:20am
Heyy Folk's,
Im A 18 Yr Old Female. And Working Part Time At A Restaurant 20hrs A Week. And Earning About 87-90 Pound A Week, What Benifit's Can I Get?. If You Could Help Me Out That Eould Be Great Cause My Baby's Due In Aug This Yr.
by migintee 17th Apr 2009, 9:23am
hi 7 weeks pregnant not working am i entitled to claim benefit
by laurakemp01 17th Apr 2009, 9:23am
hi, i am 26wks pregnant with my 1st child am also a single parent! i do work at the moment but will not be able 2 work full time when baby is born! i need 2 no what benefits im entitled 2 as i have no idea as ive worked all my life!! your advise would be great! thanx
by cmca 14th Apr 2009, 12:45pm
I moved up to Scotland to live with my boyfriend in October 2008, got a job and 2 weeks later found out I was pregnant. I wasn't entitled to maternity pay so could anyone tell me what I should be claiming.
by daisyboo 14th Apr 2009, 12:45pm
i live at home and i am contracted to work 16 hours a week how much a week will i be entitled to on benefits?? thank you...xx
by leigh1991 14th Apr 2009, 12:45pm
Hi, Im Currently 10 Weeks Pregnant! I Live At Home With My Parents, Im 17, Im Going To Be A Single Parent, I Dont Work. I Was Just Wondering What Am I Entitles To?? Thanks x
by SadieM 9th Apr 2009, 9:26am
My wife and i were never made aware of the sure start maternity grant. Should we have been? if so by whome? As we are all aware £500 is always of use, especially with a new born, I feel as my daughter Robyn is15 months now, we have misses out on something we were entitled too!
by Petex 9th Mar 2009, 9:27am
I was made redundant back in December and have been working in a temp job from then, my due date is 17/04/09 and I am finishing work on 19/03/09 as I have been told I have to have a c section therefore I will be taken early, I am now freaking out as I have had to apply for Maternity Allowance as my last employer dated my P45 22/12/08 instead of 31/12/08 when I was paid to and after calling Maternity Allowance to ensure they recieved my form and all is in order they tell me that it will be 4 weeks before my form can even be looked at to see if all my paperwork is in order, I am very concerned I am going to be forgotton about. Also I wanted to know as I am working via an angency and I am leaving work to have my baby am I considered unemployed? and if so what benifits can I claim as I have paid my taxes and national insurance all my working life. HELP thanks x
by babimad 9th Mar 2009, 9:26am
I work full time and my partner is on jobseekers allowance, do we qualify for £500 sure maternity grant??
by sandybabyxx 20th Feb 2009, 9:13am
hi, im currently 22 weeks pregnant i was just wondering what benefits am i entitled to and when? thanks
by kayleigh87 20th Feb 2009, 9:13am
I am Aussie and on a Holiday Working Visa, my partner is British. We are currently 5-6 weeks pregnant. As I am not a residence and I will not be looking to get benefits, is my partner who is the father and will be by husband before the baby is born, is he entitled to any of the benefits. As he will be the sole earner in the beginning. Any assistance would be great.
by Supergirl007 2nd Feb 2009, 10:45am
hi would like to no if i get any help with money for baby as im self employed .
by poshjp 26th Jan 2009, 9:39am
Hey! I am only 17 and my partner is 18. I currently have no income and I am expecting. He does have income but it is extremely low. He is due to join the army in a few months and therefore we will be getting more. But as a family we will not be earning enough to keep us a float. What am I entitled to. I am not very sure of things to do with claiming money as I am only 17 and any help would be amazing. X
by Mummy17 19th Jan 2009, 9:52am
I am a single mum and i dont work I get £20 child benifit as it went up this year and about £50+ child tax credit and £50+ incme support these are just rough amounts but i get at least £120 a week and manage fine for me and my son he wants for nothing and is healthy. I live with my mum but if i had my own house i would get my rent paid for but would still need to pay gas electric & food but i pay digs so what i pay for digs would be what i would pay for all of the above so either way i would still manage. If you work then you would claim working tax credits which works out more than child tax which means your better off working plus you get help with child care costs so either way i think anyone can manage woking or not. I dont no if this is any help to any but there was alot of questions about money so thout id try helping. As for Jay1985 I dont think you can really say weather you would be able to afford one or not but if i can as a single parents then you as 2 parents can. Babys dont cost much if you manage your finances responsibily thats coming from a 22yr old with a 3yr old and another 1 on the way. Best of luck to everyone x
by Rosie185 19th Jan 2009, 9:52am
hi i am coming up 22 and i am 18 weeks pregnant due 17th june. i am working full time annual income just over 10k, i am wanting to return to work after my maternity leave. but i am unsure of what benefits i can claim when on maternity leave and also when back to work. also am i eligable for sure start grant and healthy start vouchers. it is unfair how people not working are better off after having a child. thanks
by nelson04 15th Jan 2009, 5:33pm
i am on the low income and my wife is house wife what should i get?
by hud1982 5th Jan 2009, 9:20am
My partner and i are desperate for a baby but are petrified that we cant afford one, could anybody tell us exactly what we are entitled to weekly/monthly as far as maternity pay and government benefits once the baby is born as i cannot seem to find an exact amount anywhere
by Jay1985 5th Jan 2009, 9:20am
I am a working wife and am expecting TWINS, i cant seem to find any info/ help on mutli births help? Does it make a difference when trying to claim working tax etc? Is there grants or funds i can claim because of twins? Also how will the child benefit work for me - will we get first child £18.80 x 2? What is the highest income status we have to be under for both my husand and myself to be able to claim help?

Thank you

by Hall1 5th Jan 2009, 9:20am
I am currently working as a temp and I'm 10 weeks pregant. When I had my 1st child when I was temping they laid me off saying the work had dried up which I knew was not true. Was just wondering when is the legal time I have to tell my employers that I am pregnant as I'm terrified of getting laid off as I can't claim for Maternity alllowance til February. Also what are my rights as a temporary employee if any?
by evarle 20th Oct 2008, 10:55am
hey i just wondered if some1 could tell me if i would be entitled to a martenity grant im 16 and 26 weeks pregnant. could some get bak to me asap.
by beatiful 1st Oct 2008, 9:13am
Hey Everyone x
Ive recently been made redundant from my job at 15-16 weeks pregnant. I am however looking for a job but not having much luck. I have contacted my local benefit office/job centre and I am currently only allowed to claim for job seekers allowance which is something like £45 a week and then when I am 11 weeks before my due date which is Febuary I can apply for Maternity Allowance. I am also having to leave my parents house and get my own house, feeling really low as I havn't much money left and wonder how the hell I'm going to prepare for a baby and decorate a house? Can any one advice at all?
Would be much appriciated xxx
by JodieLeex 10th Sep 2008, 10:20am
hey ladies i m pregnant but i dont know what i can claim i am in full time employment can anyone help me??
by weebarra 3rd Sep 2008, 9:25am
hiya! like you guys, before i had ella i had never claimed a penny and didn't know how to either... i worked full time (40 hrs) as does my husband... we get about £75 every 4 weeks for child benefit (you get the forms in your hospital bounty pack), both working tax credit and child tax credit (phoning the helpline is much better then using the website), and ive also discovered council tax benefit! with the tax credits it will increase when you start mat leave as your earnings will decrease. we also took a 6 month mortgage payment holiday - most lenders do them as long as you have kept your payments up to date. hope thats helped you all!
by katieella 4th Aug 2008, 9:07am
Hi, I'm 32, single and in the very early stages of pregnancy (4 weeks). I have chosen to be a single parent by a donor who will have no contact and will be give no financial assistance. I work full-time, on about £18k a year and own my own home. Reading the posts on here, I'm really getting worried that the SMP will just cover the mortgage. All the benefits are geared at people who live in rented accommodation or don't work.

Please someone, give me some advice on what I can claim. It will be the first time of taking out of the government pot and I've got a feeling it's not going to be much.

Thanks in advance.
by tania15 7th Jul 2008, 9:08am
Hello, Myself and partner are about to start trying for a baby. I currently work, however my work tends to be more seasonal based as we live in a tourist town. I usually find alternative work in the winter, however i am worried if i conceive now or shortly by the time my seasonal job ends in September i may find getting another job difficult if i look pregnant, i know its illegal, but no doubt people still face these problems. So what happens if i cant get another job for a few months? Will i receive any form of income from anywhere. I read about incapacity benefit but i tried to claim that once before during an illness and i had not paid enough NI contributions, so i doubt i'd be entitled to that.

I am aware if one of us works 30 hours or more a week we can get working tax, but that is not baby related.
This sure start grant, can i apply for that if we are only claiming working tax credit?
by geministar 11th Jun 2008, 8:43am
i work full time(40hours wk)and dont know anything about what i will be entitled to recieve when my baby comes.can someone give me some info!
by ella87 14th Apr 2008, 8:42am