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Advice on what to look for when purchasing drinks for your baby plus information on feeding your baby milk, juice and water to drink.
All babies need fluid. As weaning progresses babies consume less milk and so need more fluid. Cooled boiled water is the recommended drink for infants of this age but sometimes babies will not take it.

The Department of Health recommends that babies are weaned onto foods and drinks that are free of sugar, including fruit sugar. Parents are advised to ensure that breast or formula milk and boiled cooled water make up the majority of drinks for babies under one year old. Fruit juice and other sweet drinks should be highly diluted and limited to meal times. They should not be given in bottles which increase the risk of damage to teeth.

However baby drinks, such as fruit juices and other fruit based baby drinks, help to provide extra fluid and vitamin C. Commercial baby foods and drinks do not necessarily contain lots of sugar as levels are kept to the absolute minimum needed for an acceptable taste and most of the sugar comes naturally from the fruit. Baby drinks and juices are a more suitable alternative to breast or formula milk, or water than many adult drinks which are often more acidic and may contain more sugar. However, in the interests of good dental hygiene manufacturers' instructions on usage and dilution should always be followed.

Many adult drinks are inappropriate for babies as they may contain artificial additives such as artificial sweeteners and colourings, which are not permitted in baby foods.

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i have 9 months old baby girl. she drinks only drinks formula milk and rice cereal but does not take anything else even water. i am a lot concerned about her as summer is coming. please need your advice. i have tried with baby cups n bottles but she does not take water in any case. need help!
by loosi 14th May 2010, 5:31pm
Help! my 8 month old baby will not take water/juice,i have tried to use various feeder cups/beakers and even putting it in his bottle but he holds it in his mouth then spits it out.He takes his milk fine which he as 6 oz in the morning with his breakfast and 6 oz before bedtime,during the day he as lunch and tea with which we offer juice/water and sometimes as snacks in between,any suggestions on getting drinks down him?xx
by ju81 14th May 2010, 4:53pm
Help! My 7 month old will not drink water/juice, have tried all sorts, different cups/beakers/ice pops etc, he also refuses to drink much milk now he has about 5oz in the morning and 3-4oz in the afternoon and even then I struggle to get that much down him. He refuses to have a bottle before bed. I'm starting get really concerned especially in this hot weather we are having at the moment. Any ideas because I am running out of them. Thanks
by BeckyBuckland 3rd Jul 2009, 9:11am
when can we start giving baby liquids,my baby is 4 months old, will it affect his stomach,what to expect when u give baby liquids
by aman 6th May 2008, 8:45am