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Advice on what to look for when choosing a digital camera, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of digital & video cameras and accessories.
Introduced barely a decade ago, digital cameras have moved from being expensive, ineffective techno-toys to affordable, effective, highly-functional devices that regularly outsell most categories of film-based cameras. With no processing or film costs and the immediacy of seeing your just-shot images digital cameras are a popular option for parents of new children. Plus virtually instant uploads to your computer and the Web, quick and easy editing and fine-tuning, and the ability to generate high-quality photographs with almost any ink jet printer makes them an ideal choice to capture your child's development.

The first step when buying a digital camera is to decide which camera will best meet your needs. The following questions will help you get a better idea of which digital camera will be best for you:
  • What do you want to use your digital camera for? Do you want to simply document the life of your new baby or do you aspire to being a digital artist?

  • Do you want to print the images you take of your baby? In large sizes? In this case look for a camera with a high resolution.
  • What kind of printer do you plan to use? What are it's resolution requirements? Again look for the resolution of your new camera.
  • Do you only plan to e-mail your pictures to friends or publish your images on the Web? If so you do not need much resolution so a high resolution camera will not be a priority for you.

  • Will you be taking your digital camera to Europe or around the world? If so look for lots of storage.
  • Will you always be able to get very close to your subject? If not look for a digital camera with a good telephoto zoom lens.
  • Will you be taking pictures of small items like stamps, coins, bugs, flowers, etc as well as your baby? If so look for a digital camera with a macro feature.

  • Do you already own Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Then you might want to get a camera with a Photoshop plug-in.

  • Will you be taking photos of your baby at night, indoors, or in other low-light? Then get a camera with flexible over sensitivity or ISO equivalents.
  • Do you plan to take photos of anything that moves quickly. If so then get a camera with a fast burst rate.
  • Do you want to make sure that the money you save on film and developing doesn't just end up getting spent on batteries? You then might want to get a camera with rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries or the equivalent.

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