Baby cribs

Points to consider when choosing a swinging crib for your baby's nursery, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of wooden cribs and crib mattresses.
A crib is usually made of wood and is slightly larger than a Moses basket. This makes it suitable for a newborn baby until a few months old. Cribs come on a stand and can be used swinging or locked.

One of the benefits of a crib is that the rocking action it allows can be very soothing for babies and may help them settle down for a nap more easily than they would do otherwise. The smaller sleeping environment provided by a crib also helps your baby to feel secure.

Cribs do tend to be more expensive than Moses baskets, but are just as quickly outgrown. Additionally, as they are fixed to a stand, cribs are not usually portable - they do however look incredibly cute in your baby's nursery.

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