Baby cots

Advice on what to look for when purchasing a cot for your baby plus the opportunity to purchase a range of cots, travel cots, cot mattresses and bedding.
A cot is the most popular choice for a baby's bed. A cot will last your baby from birth until he or she is approximately three years old.

Cots are usually made from wood, with a mattress inside. Comfort and safety are essential when considering which cot to buy. Ensure the cot conforms to British safety standards.

You may wish to look for a cot with a dropside action, preferably one that can be operated with one hand.

It is useful to be able to adjust the mattress base, higher when your baby is small and lower as they grow and sit up. It is also good if you are suffering from back problems following the birth.

What to look for when buying a cot
  • Dropside mechanism - Look for a cot which is easy to operate single handed. Some models have the added convenience of a dropsied that slides completely out of the way, i.e. right under the cot. This allows you to position your baby's bed up against the edge of your bed.
  • Adjustable mattress - The ability to lift the mattress higher can be useful. It will make it easier to lift your baby in and out of the cot.
  • Lockable swivel castors - These make it easier to manoeuvre the cot, always ensure the castors are locked when your baby is in the cot.
  • Teething rails - These are useful when your baby is a bit older and starting to teeth. They allow your child to gnaw on the rail when their gums are hurting, without damaging the cot.
  • Fun features - Some cots have rollers in between the bar at the top and bottom ends.
Safety Checklist
  • Check your cot conforms with the BS EN 716-1 safety code, which ensures the cot is deep enough to prevent your baby from climbing out.
  • Ensure the mattress fits the cot with no gaps.
  • Make sure the bars of the cot are no more than 45mm to 65mm apart. To test this take a fizzy drink can with you when shopping, this should not fit through the gaps.

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Hi Everyone! I'm having my first little one this September and am struggling to find Nursery Furniture sets. I was in the States recently and thought they had so much more choice of products and stores than we do over here and at much better prices...
Am I missing something or is there Mamas and Papas, John Lewis, Babies R Us and Mothercare only? I live in London and would love to know if anyone out there has any tips or new stores to check out? Or maybe websites...
Thanks so much
Natalia x
by NataliaL 12th Aug 2010, 10:04am
I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on Tutti bambini barcelona furniture ?

I really like the look of it and would like to try and view it somewhere.

I have had a company tell me its rubbish and poor quality but Mothercare stock it so not sure if they are just saying that as they are the only independent baby store for miles around.

Any comments would be really appreciated thank you.

by MrsSm 18th May 2010, 4:37pm
I have been given a cot and Moses basket by my sister on law but wondered if it's advisable to get new mattresses for them? Don't want to offend her!
by Tellylady 11th Jan 2010, 4:14pm
My daughter and partner have a very small bedroom and though the moses basket fits in the room they have no room for standard cot. The baby is 29days old.His room has a cotbed but though they say moses basket is fine for 6months no way will that be so in his case.Where can we purchase a small cot?A cot that is not of the normal standard size.This is a first baby so they are not willing to put him in his room because he has already been in hospital with breathing difficulties.
by granny1 4th Sep 2009, 9:36am
would it be safe for my partner to make a cot from scratch? hes a joiner, or is it best to buy one. also if he was to make one what kind of paint is safe to use ect.
by kuku1 6th Nov 2008, 8:55am
I would really like to know where is the best place to go looking for furniture, I have been to mothercare but it is a small shop and I would really like to see the furniture set up before I buy, they all look good in photos. Can anyone help.
by VIPS 26th Aug 2008, 9:57am