Cot beds

Advice on choosing a cot bed for your baby's nursery, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of cot beds.
A cot bed is larger than a cot and adapts from a cot, when your baby is small to become a proper junior bed when you baby is older. Though a bit more expensive than a regular cot a cot bed is designed to have a longer lifespan. It can be a good investment as it will last your child after he or she has outgrown the cot.

A cot bed makes a good first bed as it is smaller than a single bed. Remember you will need a cot bed mattress and bedding.

What to look for when buying a cot bed
  • Dropside mechanism - Look for a cot bed which is easy to operate single handed. Some models have the added convenience of a dropside that slides completely out of the way, i.e. right under the cot. This allows you to position your baby's bed up against the edge of your bed.
  • Adjustable mattress - The ability to lift the mattress higher can be useful. It will make it easier to lift your baby in and out of the cot bed.
  • Lockable swivel castors - These make it easier to manoeuvre the cot bed, always ensure the castors are locked when your baby is in the cot bed.
  • Teething rails - These are useful when your baby is a bit older and starting to teeth. They allow your child to gnaw on the rail when their gums are hurting, without damaging the cot bed.
  • Fun features - Some cot beds have rollers in between the bar at the top and bottom ends.
Safety Checklist
  • Check your cot bed conforms with the BS EN 716-1 safety code, which ensures the cot is deep enough to prevent your baby from climbing out.
  • Ensure the mattress fits the cot bed with no gaps.
  • Make sure the bars of the cot bed are no more than 45mm to 65mm apart. To test this take a fizzy drink can with you when shopping, this should not fit through the gaps.

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my little boy will only sleep in his cot for one hour a day and that is it, how do i get him to go to sleep for longer,
by avfcgal 1st Sep 2010, 10:03am
Hi,does anybody know how much is the distance between the cot bars according to the BS EN 716 2008 safety standards?i 've bought a cot which is supposed to conform to these standards but i always find my 4 mo son 's legs hanging off the bars.i cannot sleep as iam afraid he might be trapped.
by 312010 11th Jun 2010, 5:29pm
hi ya, ive got a very old fassion moses basket which my baby of 4months sleeps in, it is very roomy and i love having him in our bedroom but when should i think about moving him into his cot. any help would be great as im a first time mum thank you
by sophiepeters 23rd Sep 2009, 9:13am
I have recently noticed in the world that more babies are dying from cot death so I have been worrying about where my baby could sleep but now she is here I have tried her in her cot and she has been fine so foar but she is only 3 weeks old and has only been home for 1 of those weeks so could you please help and give me advice on whether my baby should sleep in a cot or some where else. Please help!! I am a first time mum and am also only 17 I made a stupind mistake and now I can't stop worrying about my baby I lve her so much but I am becoming more and more down please help!!!
by fidler123 20th Feb 2008, 8:39am
im lookin for a very sterdy cot bed can any 1 help
by princesslyn 11th Feb 2008, 9:20am
Ive just brought a cotbed and its to the age of 5, if that helps x
by dollychops2 15th Jan 2008, 2:37pm
I am just enquiring at what age do babies go into their first bed and what age do the cot beds last until. I have no idea!
by boaty 25th May 2007, 12:31pm