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Baby changing mats

Advice on what to look for when buying a baby changing mat, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of changing mats for your baby including padded and travel changing mats.
Changing mats are an invaluable piece of baby kit and are one that you will get a huge amount of use out of during the two and a half years your baby is in nappies. Although they are relatively inexpensive (especially when you work out their cost per use!) it can be worth spending a little extra to make sure that it will last the duration of your baby's nappy wearing life without splitting or cracking.

The majority of changing mats on the market are made from foam padding covered in an easy-to-wipe PVC layer; so even the most basic mat provides a hygenic, comfortable suface for you to lay your baby on when its nappy changing time.

Most changing mats have raised sides to deter your baby from rolling off and many have machine washable towling inserts that attach with poppers, providing a warm, comfortable and absorbent surface for your baby - perfect after a bath or to stop little accidents trickling onto the carpet!

At the top end of the market, changing mats have features such as sewn seams so that they won't split and minimalistic designs made of high quality waterproof material. Musical changing mats and mats with built in sound effects are readily available and can be a fantastic way of entertaining your baby during changing time. However, it is worth considering whether the novely of having a mat equipped with sound effects is likely to wear off after the first few changing times! Travel changing mats are also available and are designed to roll up and fit in your changing bag so that you have a clean and comfortable surface to change your baby on when your out and about.

If you have a changing unit, station or table it is worth checking the dimensions prior to purchasing a changing mat as if the unit is smaller than average you may end up with a mat that is too big, making changing time uncomfortable for your baby.

Changing mats come in a huge range of colours and styles so whether you want to go for a favourite cartoon character or one that fits in with the decor of your nursery, you are likely to find a mat that is just right.

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