Baby car mirrors

Information on using baby car mirrors.
When you are travelling in a car, the safest place for your baby is in the back seat. However, if you are driving this makes it almost impossible to keep an eye on your baby without adjusting the rear view mirror and doing this while driving poses a significant safety hazard.

Baby car mirrors provide the solution to this problem as they are specifically designed to enable you to drive safely whilst keeping an eye on your baby. Double mirror varieties that allow your baby to see you too are also available and when positioned correctly can be soothing for a baby alone in the back of the car.

A range of baby car mirrors are available - some attach to the headrest behind baby, some attach to the passenger seat visor whilst others are attached to the back window using a suction mechanism. The suction variety tend to be more flexible as they are usually fitted with a telescopic arm to allow maximum visability and they can be moved to the front of the car when baby becomes a toddler and moves into a forward facing seat.

Novelty baby car mirrors are also available. These come in a variety of novelty shapes (such as a star or teddy bear), some even have flashing lights and play music. However, you should be wary of having anything too distracting in the car when you are driving, even though it may entertain baby.

When fitting a baby mirror in your car it is necessary to ensure it is attached securely so that it does not pose a safety threat during harsh breaking or in the event of a crash.

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