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Baby bottles and teats

Useful information on what to look for when buying baby bottles and teats plus the opportunity to purchase a range of feeding bottles and bottle starter packs.
Baby bottles

You may be bewildered at the vast array of bottles on offer. There are many types of bottles and teats to choose from for your baby.

You will need at least six bottles when formula feeding. You may also want a couple of bottles for cooled boiled water.

Most bottles take nine ounces of milk, it is advisable to purchase these when bottle-feeding, as smaller bottles are more suitable for expressed breastmilk or for older babies who are being weaned.

Wide necked bottles make life easier when scooping formula from the tin into the bottle. The edge of the supplied scoop is the same size as an narrow necked bottle so there is a tendency to spill the powder as you fill your bottle.

Anti-colic bottles have air vents, tubes, or collapsible bags to reduce the amount of air your baby swallows, therefore reducing the chance of colic.

Also available are disposable bottles, to use once and throw away and bags which fit into a special holder. Both are handy for journeys or visiting.


There are various different teats available, including newborn, slow, medium and fast, which let the milk flow at different rates.

Teats are also available in latex and silicone. Latex are said to feel more like a real nipple, but silicone teats last longer.

Another consideration is an anti-colic teat, which like the bottle aids the reduction of air your baby takes in. Orthodontic teats minimise harm to developing teeth. There are also teats designed like a nipple for babies who are mixed feeding or being weaned off the breast.

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Alot of people seem to be unsure of what bottles to buy, after having five children i think i can say i tried almost every bottle on the market with my first son, however i can say without a doubt that i found the best baby bottles to be playtex drop ins, no washing or strelizing and they greatly reduced colic in my son. they are difficult to get hold of in the UK but i found the best place to get them is
by 1mummy65 14th May 2010, 5:23pm
Hi. Baby is now 7 months old and cannot drink from 6 - 18 months teats. Also refuses dummy. do I wait until he is older or do i give him the bigger one so that he gets used to it. I have been letting him suck on the bigger one then chnge to the smaller one
by Wayson 14th May 2010, 4:54pm
so how do i know when to use the wider teets ??My little man seems to guzzle real quick and spill loads down this kneck would the larger holed teet help .thanks emma

by robandemma7 9th Apr 2009, 9:20am
Born Free do Bisphenol A bottles. Try their website babybornfreecouk (i think) or Amazon.
by stef68 1st Oct 2007, 11:23am
When choosing a bottle make sure it is Bisphenol A Free. Nearly all plastic baby bottles in the UK contain Bisphenol A. Recent research shows that Bisphenol A is a hormone disrupter and can cause a number of ailments like early puberty, or susceptibility to cancer in later life. The state of California has recently moved to ban baby bottles and toys containing Bisphenol A. At least check up before you buy.
by rosierows 10th Jul 2007, 5:32pm