Baby anxiety

Advice on coping with common pregnancy concerns and baby anxiety.
As a society we're inundated with pregnancy scare stories in the magazines we read and on the reality shows that grace our televisions, combine this with the fact that barely a week goes by without a news story warning us about a new pregnancy risk factor, and its no wander that more and more expectant mothers are experiencing severe anxiety.

Whether its your first baby or your fifth, at some point during your pregnancy you're likely to feel anxious about the new life you're bringing into the world. This is completely normal and it can be reassuring to know that moments of concern and doubt speckle even the most longed for pregnancy. Whether its concerns about the health of your baby, how you'll cope as a parent, whether you'll be able to manage financially or the impending birth, talking about your anxieties will always help.

Don't be afraid to share your concerns with your partner as its more than likely that they are harbouring the same worries as you and talking things through will help you to address any of the practical issues you are feeling anxious about. Sharing with your partner will also help to strengthen the all important channels of communication that will keep your relationship strong when baby arrives.

If you're worried about your baby's health or development a checkup visit with your doctor or midwife will allay your fears and chatting with other mums-to-be always helps as they really understand what you're going through and may be able to shine some light on any problems you're experiencing. Learning as much as you can about your developing pregnancy, attending antenatal classes and practicing relaxation techniques will all help you prepare for the experience of labour.

Having a baby is a life changing experience and you shouldn't feel bad for having moments of doubt; its especially common for women to feel blue at some point during pregnancy because of the major hormonal changes that are taking place. However, if you are experiencing prolonged or severe anxiety, feel that you are unable to cope with any aspect of your impending parenthood, or are experiencing stress related symptoms such as palpitations, headaches and nausea, its important that you talk to your doctor straight away.

By taking regular exercise, making time to relax, eating a healthy balanced diet and doing what you feel is best for your body, you should be able to beat any baby anxiety and enjoy the months leading up to your new baby's arrival.

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I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and so happy! But after having a miscarriage last year at 10 weeks, I'm so so scared that it's going to happen again!! Has any one else had a miscarriage then gone on to have a perfectly healthy baby?x.x.
by niawyn 19th Jan 2011, 9:25am
i have been suffering with anxiety about pretty much everything the last 10days i have bought a self help book and it has calmed me down and also this site has made me realise alot of my worries/doubts are normal. hang in there we can all do it!
by alexy 13th Aug 2009, 11:29am
my doctors have been great with me i have been anxious panicy and feeling very down,to the point were i feel as though i cant get out of bed or do anything. I have found out that the change in hormones etc has triggered my depression again. I was told that most doctors advise you to stay away from medication whilst pregnant but my health at the moment comes first as they dont want me to slip deaper into depression. I was worried at first about taking the medication whilst pregnant but i really want to get myself better and i want to be excited about being pregant which am not at the moment. I no most ppl arnt feeling quite as bad as me but its nice to no i am not alone
by Jemmajuicy 4th Mar 2009, 9:18am
I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and went to the doc this morning with my anxiety, heart palps, vomiting, loss of sleep etc etc. She wouldn't do anything for me, because I am pregnant! she wouldn't even give me ear drops for my very painful ear infection! This is a very very very much wanted baby, I am not worried about abnormalities or impending child! Just totally overwhelmed and terrified at becoming a mother and making ends meet etc, I'm sure I am not the only one, I am just very annoyed that after being interrogated by a doc I'd never met for an hour, nothing came of it! I am still left feeling very alone. God bless the NHS!
by pigletchickster 29th Jan 2009, 8:54am
im 28 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from severe anxiety since 20 weeks! I had a miscarriage with my first child in feb and then got pregnant in march again and i have found things really hard to deal with because i didnt deal with the loss at first and then getting pregnant again i had a lot of mixed up feelings. its been really hard but i found out that our local hospital has a maternal mental health team and that they consist of a pyschatrist, therapists and midwives to help you through your anxiety. i have been put on a medication that is safe for bub and me and have found that my anxiety is getting better. The thing that you need to remember is that you are not alone in your fears about baby etc and how you are going to cope. You need to know tht whatever you are going through you will get through it and if you are not coping well please ask for help there are people there to listen and help you through whatever you are going through. Good luck everyone with your pregnancy!!
by lovelygirl 2nd Oct 2008, 9:19am
Hi, I am 13 weeks pregnant. Last week was amazing seeing my scan, knowing that our baby is healthy, seeing it's heart beating. A wonderfully amazing experience. However 1 week on and the anxiety is back. My head is full of quaestions, can I still suffer a missed miscarriage after my first scan, why can i not fel a swelling in my belly. Are these feelings normal please reply and chat.
by Sajo47 25th Mar 2008, 9:07am