Aromatherapy and fertility

Find out whether aromatherapy could help boost your fertility and help you get pregnant.
What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment that centres on the use of essential oils, highly concentrated liquid distilled from natural plant matter, to improve to physical and psychological health and well being.

Practiced for over a thousand years, aromatherapists use time-tested combinations of essential oils to stimulate the central nervous system and relieve stress and tension in the body. Tailoring the oils used depending on a patients ailments, they recommend using both direct and indirect exposure for maximum therapeutic effects.

Direct exposure - While essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin in their concentrated form, they can be of maximum benefit when diluted in a bath of warm water or mixed with a natural oil and used in massage.

Indirect exposure - It's also believed that essential oils can work to improve health simply by smell alone as minute particles of the oils can be absorbed through the capillaries of the nostrils. For this reason many aromatherapists encourage the use of oil burners to treat ailments indirectly.

Can aromatherapy help me get pregnant?

While there is no definite evidence that shows aromatherapy can help you to conceive, many believe that it has a positive effect on fertility.

Aromatherapists frequently recommended oils such as rose, chamomile, lavender and jasmine to those trying for a baby as they are said to help regulate the menstrual cycle and encourage the hormonal balance needed to facilitate conception.

However, aromatherapy is also fantastic for relieving tension and anxiety and helping you to relax; this in itself is likely to have a positive effect on your fertility. What's more, taking baths and sharing a massage with your partner can help you both to relax and can help take the stress out of baby making and put the fun back into your bedroom - something that can only be a good thing when you're trying to get pregnant.

Should I see an aromatherapist?

While essential oils are widely available in the shops it is a good idea to consult a qualified aromatherapist before you start using these at home. They will be able to recommend combinations of essential oils that will have the most benefit for your circumstances and will provide you with tailored advice about how you can use these to help you relax and maximise your chances of conceiving.

Furthermore, some essential oils are not suitable for use in early pregnancy as they over stimulate the body, a qualified aromatherapist will also be able to advise you as to which oils you should avoid.

How do I find a qualified aromatherapist?

When looking for an aromatherapist it's usually a good idea to go on the recommendation of someone you trust. Ask friends or even your doctor whether they know of any reputable local practitioners.

The Aromatherapy Council also list details of their approved members as well as the qualifications an aromatherapist should hold so this can be a good place to look.

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