Flying in the second trimester

Useful information on air travel in the second trimester and advice to help make flying during pregnancy a more comfortable experience.
The majority of airlines allow you to fly both short and long haul up until your 36th week of pregnancy so flying in the second trimester shouldn't be a problem. However, before you book your tickets be sure to check the airlines specific pregnancy policy as some require you to provide a letter from your GP stating that you and your unborn baby are healthy enough to travel.

If you are planning to take a long flight you should go prepared - travelling long haul can be uncomfortable enough when you're not expecting! Wearing loose fitting clothes and shoes will help to accommodate the swelling and fluid retention that can be experienced during air travel and take plenty of layers with you so that you're not at the mercy of the airport or airplanes air conditioning. A Pashmina can double up as a pillow or mini-blanket so can be a useful addition to your hand luggage.

The risk of deep vein thrombosis is slightly increased during pregnancy. This is because the clotting ability of your blood increases so as to help minimise blood loss during labour. It is advisable to wear compression stockings throughout the flight, to walk around the cabin regularly (at least once every hour) and to give your feet and legs a good stretch every half hour.

The increased air pressure of the cabin is not thought to effect your baby in any way. However it can be dehydrating so ensure you drink plenty of water before and during the flight and avoid caffeinated drinks or foods. Try to book a seat over the wing as this will provide you with the smoothest ride - an aisle seat will also prevent you from having to disturb others every time you need to visit the ladies

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