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What to expect after a caesarean

Advice on what to expect after a caesarian, including information on your health, recovery and how long to wait before driving and exercising.
After a caesarean you will be uncomfortable for a few days, as you would expect to be after any major surgery. It will be difficult to sit up or stand up straight and it will hurt to laugh. You will have to stay in hospital a bit longer, about five to seven days, but this will depend on your condition.

You will also have to take it easy once you are home and you will need help. You shouldn't lift anything heavy or drive a car for six weeks. Your doctor or midwife will advise you on how much you can do.

Postnatal exercises are especially important after a caesarean to get your muscles working again, but take things at a gentle pace. The midwife or hospital physiotherapist will tell you when you should begin them.

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I had a c section almost two weeks ago. I do not see my dr for another 4 weeks. What is the down time before my husband and I can resume our sex life?
by Gwen1970 15th Nov 2010, 8:51am
for five months now after birth, i still have not received my period, am i justified to panic on thinking about being pregnant again? help please
by izo 17th Sep 2009, 9:14am
i had a c- section and bleed alot for about 2 weeks, its now 10 months later and have not yet received my monthly periods, how long does it take for one to go back to normal?
by manani 12th May 2009, 9:54am
i was still bleeding till about three weeks after!!! its now been four months and things are finally begining to feel normal, although on my tummy now i have a wierd numbing sensation...
by stacyann 15th Jan 2009, 5:33pm
what to expect after a ceasarian section? well.. better life and expect more good things from that end..;-) but im trying to go back to my old routines (exercise and dieting) but im taking so much precautions before doing that. thats why i need professional advice as well ..;-)
by baresexy 12th Nov 2008, 9:23am
Im a little bit worried to the fact that i am still bleeding from my c section any one got any advice it has been three weeks since
by camelshump 1st Oct 2008, 9:13am
please can you tell me the proper wound care applied after a cesarean? i really need to know so i can prevent any infection. thank you very much.
by pauwii 22nd Aug 2007, 8:37am