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2007's favourite baby names

Take a look at the names new parents chose for their little ones in 2007 - is your current favourite on the list?
Last year saw another shake up of the UK's favourite baby names with new parents choosing old school classics over faddy trends in 2007.

Grace rose to take the place of the UK's favourite girls name last year (possibly thanks to a certain number 1 song by pop star Mika) with Ruby, Olivia, Emily and Jessica following closely behind in the top 5.

The UK's top 5 favourite boys names however remained largely unchanged with Jack topping the list for the 13th year in a row - showing that its popularity has lasted well beyond its 'Titanic fame'. Thomas, Joshua, Oliver and Harry take positions two to five, an order which shows very little movement from last year.

This preference for names from a bygone era continues throughout the top 100 for both boys and girls with few variations on this 'timeless' theme as parents look to the past for inspiration for their newborn's future.

For a full list of the UK's 2007 favourites click here for the top 100 boys names and click here for the top 100 girls names in 2007.

Will your current favourites' position in the top 100 effect your decision to choose it for your little boy or girl? Why not share your thoughts and ideas with other parents-to-be in the Askbaby Forums.

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